Our Impact


We use rugby to activate a sense of citizenship, to strengthen social ties, to send into the world generations of young people with a strong work-ethic, a team-first attitude, and a lasting commitment to respect and integrity.

We track our impact in Social Emotional Learning (a predictor of long-term thriving for young people), using statistically validated surveys designed by the psychometrics specialists at Algorhythm. We are delighted to report that Algorhythm has recognized that youth in our programs grow at a greater rate than their peers – with Play Rugby USA performing in the top 5 out of 150 Youth Development Programs (not just sports-based) in Algorhythm’s network.


of Play Rugby Academy high school seniors graduate on time and enrolled in college.


of Play Rugby Academy students graduate with reduced risky behavior and improved workforce readiness.


of students report that their physical fitness has improved as a result of playing rugby.


of students report that rugby is helping them develop into a person with more good qualities.


of students report that their academic performance improved as a result of playing rugby.


of students are further along a pathway to happy, healthy lives. They made significant gains in their positive youth development score, which is linked to long-term thriving.