Meet Jahquar – Youth Development Mentor

Brooklyn born and raised, Jahquar Williams has been working alongside Play Rugby USA for 2 years, and is also a Play Rugby alumni, which he believes really “helps with my connection to the kids that I work with day to day.”

When Jahquar isn’t on the field, you will find him studying as he’s a full-time student. Along with being a student and Youth Development Mentor, he is also a star player committing his spare time to Old Blue Rugby Club in New York. You can find him in the front row playing either prop or hook.

It was an easy decision for Jahquar to join the Play Rugby Team and become a Youth Development Mentor, he says, “I understood the opportunity that I can help provide for the Youth in New York City.”

Jahquar mentors students between 10-18 years-old at a high school in the Bronx, but he also coaches the U-12 and U-14 teams in the Play Rugby Academy. His ability to mentor kids of all ages is extremely beneficial. As he says, “I help the kids as they develop and face several challenges along the way. Coaching rugby is a tool that I use to teach the kids values in which they can use to overcome those challenges.”

The growth that he sees within the kids from the start to the end of a season is in his words, “a special thing”. Jahquar thinks more people should get involved with Play Rugby because, “it builds a great community within the city and the ability to build lifelong connections with kids who are looking for a strong mentor.”

Jahquar is a talented individual, always smiling and getting the most out of life. What’s his secret? Jahquar says, “Get out there, and give it your all, to reach your goals. Along the way you can meet great individuals that can help you become the best version of you.”

See Jahquar’s journey with Play Rugby USA in the video feature below!