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Academy Students Gain Hands-On Production Experience at Rugby Wrap Up

Many young, entry-level job seekers in the twenty-first century face a catch-22: to get work, you need work experience. 91% of employers prefer to hire new graduates with previous work experience; 65% prefer candidates with relevant work experience; a mere 5% state that work experience in not a factor in hiring decisions. Access to such meaningful, hands-on work experiences is essential for young people’s workplace readiness usually years…

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Academy Seniors Win PSAL Wingate Awards for Rugby

The Play Rugby family would like to congratulate our Academy seniors, Destiny Quinones and Dylan Swincicki, for receiving the prestigious PSAL Wingate Award for Girls Rugby and Boys Rugby respectively. Despite many worthy nominees of PSAL rugby participants, Destiny and Dylan, were honored with these awards. Girls Rugby Winner: Destiny Quinones Senior at the Bronx…

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Meet Kevin – Youth Development Mentor

From humble beginnings, Kevin Braithwaite, started off as a player in our Academy program and fell in love with rugby. He joined the Play Rugby staff in 2014 and has been loving every moment of being a Youth Development Mentor. Kevin says he joined as Youth Development Mentor due to, “the impact my coaches had…

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Meet Denisse – Youth Development Mentor

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Denisse Zambon did not know a lick of English before she moved to New York when she was 14.  But, by being immersed in rugby and high school she slowly learned and is now completely fluent. Denisse began playing in a Play Rugby program. She’s been playing rugby…

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Meet Jahquar – Youth Development Mentor

Brooklyn born and raised, Jahquar Williams has been working alongside Play Rugby USA for 2 years, and is also a Play Rugby alumni, which he believes really “helps with my connection to the kids that I work with day to day.” When Jahquar isn’t on the field, you will find him studying as he’s a…

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