Meet Kevin – Youth Development Mentor

From humble beginnings, Kevin Braithwaite, started off as a player in our Academy program and fell in love with rugby. He joined the Play Rugby staff in 2014 and has been loving every moment of being a Youth Development Mentor.

Kevin says he joined as Youth Development Mentor due to, “the impact my coaches had on me in high school.”

Kevin is fond of his time on the Academy team, “I’ll be honest, I probably wasn’t going to graduate high school if it wasn’t for rugby in general. My mentor at the time really pushed for me to do better in school and graduate on time. I want to have the same effect on the youth I work with today.”

The impact which Play Rugby had on Kevin when he was younger paved the way for him to become a leader. Kevin is thankful to have this opportunity, he says, “I mentor because I genuinely care about the youth I work with. It’s amazing to see them continue their lives after Play Rugby, and the amount of passion and dedication they have to be the best version of themselves.”

Kevin is super versatile on and off the field, he’s played all backline positions in Rugby, but says, “my favorite out of all of them is inside-center.”

He also says that his hidden talent is that he can bake, but we’re still waiting for the cake delivery to our office…

His role as a YDM has opened Kevin up to a world of possibilities.

Kevin doesn’t doubt for a second that Play Rugby has a positive impact, as he says, “It keeps you in shape, you get to travel, meet a ton of friends, and you create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.”

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