Strengthening your Brand by Tackling Social Issues

Corporate Social Responsibility describes a company’s commitment to carry out their business in an ethical way. The practice has become commonplace for many organizations as we strive to uncover ways to give back and strengthen our communities.

No matter the size of the organization, there is an expectation, often driven by customers and employees, for businesses to do the “right thing”. Corporate Social Responsibility can take on many different forms. It can include contributions to educational and social programs, employee volunteering, and socially responsible investments. In one of its simplest and most common forms, it can be achieved through fundraising for and making monetary donations to nonprofit organizations with shared values and goals.

At the forefront, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has the potential to improve communities and provides solutions to societal problems. But it’s important to note that CSR also holds tremendous value for the companies who regularly practice it.

Positive Business Reputation 

By demonstrating a commitment to strengthening communities, Corporate Social Responsibility can allow for the development of a positive business reputation, and subsequent customer loyalty. Organizations who contribute to the betterment of society can be perceived as more philanthropic, and therefore more attractive, than those with non-existent corporate social responsibility endeavors.  

Attract and retain top talent 

Giving back to society creates the opportunity to attract talent and retain staff, as when companies show that they are dedicated to improving their communities through corporate giving programs, they are more likely to attract and retain valuable, hardworking, and engaged employees. 

Strengthen your brand 

Having the right CSR strategy can make your company’s story more compelling, allowing you to stand out ahead of your competitors. By including your brand name in a socially responsible campaign, not only do you become linked to important issues, but customers will be able to connect with your brand on a more human level.

Sustainable business growth 

People want to be engaged with companies that share their values. Studies show that consumers will spend their money on brands that reflect their values and concerns, giving you an edge over the competition.

The CSR and Play Rugby USA relationship

When your organization supports Play Rugby USA through Corporate Social Responsibility practices, you are not only helping to empower and inspire youth from underserved communities to achieve success, you gain valuable business benefits which are complimented by an array of unique engagement opportunities for you and your employees.  

You and your employees can give back to the community and work directly with our young people by volunteering at various program events including seasonal flag rugby tournaments, and the chance to have an increased impact by providing mentoring at our after-school programs or working one-on-one with Academy students.

We can design team building activities utilizing our unique flag rugby curriculum, allowing you to engage and connect your employees in a new and fun way.

As a supporter of Play Rugby, you will become part of a passionate community of individuals from various backgrounds, giving you access to enjoyable and rich networking opportunities throughout the year – including golf days, our annual Gala and watch parties.  

We need to give youth the best possible chance to become inspired and empowered through a Youth Sports Culture that they can believe in. The solution is us: it’s you and the Play Rugby family, taking action together. And you can start right now, right here.

Are you inspired to act? Get in touch or donate today and help us to play for tomorrow!