NYC Marathon Runner Feature: Harper Albo

We are one week closer to the 2019 NYC Marathon which takes plays on Sunday, November 3, 2019! As an official non-profit partner, Play Rugby has been given the opportunity to sponsor five runners. Not only is each runner taking on the challenge of completing the marathon but pledging to raise at least $2,500 in support of our vision: To Create a Better World Through Rugby! We hope you will consider making a donation to our marathon team and offer words of encouragement through their fundraising page.

To aid their efforts, we’ve been featuring our runners. This week, we have Harper!

Name: Harper Albo
Fundraising Page
Hometown: I am from Chicago, Illinois. And yes, I literally mean in the city of Chicago (Go Cubs!).
Profession: I am currently completing a masters in Sport Management with a specialization in sport-based youth development (SBYD) at Adelphi University in New York City. This specialization allows students to explore first hand the impact non-profit youth sport organizations has on our youth, our communities, and our society. I am working towards this specialization with a fellowship at Vita Sports Partners, a non-profit SBYD office hub designed to provide local youth sport non-profits adequate capacity support through workshops, trainings, and events to build collaboration in the sector.

Hobbies: In my free time, I love to run, play soccer, read, cook, and if the location permits, you can see me hiking trails for days! 

Connection to Play Rugby: Play Rugby is a partner of Vita Sports Partners, so my connection to this organization is very strong and meaningful. I have seen first hand who Play Rugby serves, how they implement their coaching philosophy and strategies into their mission, and what it means to truly change a kid’s life. 

Reason for running the NYC Marathon: I am running the NYC Marathon because I’ve never turned down a challenge. Whether it was a city-wide cross-country race in high school, a city or state soccer championship, or moving to a new city right after graduating college, I’ve always welcomed challenge as an opportunity for growth and progress. Persevering in the face of hardship or stress builds character, integrity, and passion. This is what Play Rugby is all about. Play Rugby uses the power of rugby to empower and inspire youth, primarily from underserved communities, to go forward and realize their true potential. I am running to highlight this mission – that everyone, no matter where you come from, what you do, or who you identify as, deserves to be challenged and deserves to overcome obstacles for the opportunity to flourish. 

Expectations of this exciting fundraising experience: I am beyond excited to be running the marathon on behalf of Play Rugby USA because this is an organization close to my heart. I believe in their mission, I believe in their staff who have become family to me to carry out their mission, and I believe in the kids they serve every single day. The main obstacle I anticipate facing throughout this journey is raising the awareness around Play Rugby in a way that is representative of their goals and raising the funds from individuals who aren’t directly associated with either rugby, New York City, youth development, or sports in general. I will use this opportunity as a way to not only highlight the impact Play Rugby has on underserved youth in New York City, but to emphasize the importance of all team and individual sports as a means to educate, inspire, and encourage all people everywhere. 

Final thoughts: Your donation, big or small is tremendously appreciated and recognized. Every penny counts. Join me on the journey and let’s run it!