Physical Literacy Season Overview

Session Skill Focus Value Physical Goals Value Goals
1 Preparation and Movement Exploration Switch On Understand the foundations needed for physical fitness and explore different movements Understand that being prepared and focused for the task at hand, whatever it may be, will impact success
2 Coordination and Proprioception Go Forward Explore your own body by imitating how different animals move and relating those to different sports Venture out of your comfort zone and try new things that may be difficult
3 Balance and Stability Play What You See Experience how stability and balance work together to ensure efficient movement Imbalance is inevitable – remain aware and adjust as needed to achieve success
4 Aerobic Endurance Switch On Increase endurance by participating in non-traditional cardio exercises by emphasizing high repetition Recognize the benefits that come from
being disciplined through repetition and consistency
5 Muscle, Joint and Bone Strength Go Forward Explore ways to improve overall full body strength without equipment Build a foundation to overcome challenges with a strong body and mind
6 Speed, Power and Acceleration Get There Experience how short, focused work can yield big results when done consistently Give maximum effort to see the best results
7 Isometric Strength Go Forward Build strength by holding positions for extended periods of time Persevere and push yourself when things get tough, seeing challenges as opportunities to improve
8 Speed, Agility and Quickness Get There Improve foot speed and movement skills Improve both your physical and mental agility by giving maximum effort
9 Holistic Fitness Review My Film We look back and use exercises from previous sessions to create a holistic workout Reflect on experiences and break them down, identifying successes and areas for improvement
10 Workout Design Game Plan Gain experience creating an effective circuit-based workout session, based on individual goals Create short term goals and identify the steps needed to achieve them
11 Individualized Activations Switch On Revisit our movement preparation library and you get to adapt the exercises based on your own needs and goals You need to be prepared and focused when designing a session for yourself or someone else
12 Exploring New Movements Go Forward Gain experience creating an effective circuit-based workout session, based on individual goals Over time you've developed a stronger sense of how your body moves, now it's time to put those learnings into practice
13 Balance and Stability Challenge Play What You See Challenge yourself based on what you've learned about your body so far It's important to make adjustments based on how you feel and what you are experiencing in the moment
14 Slow and Steady Switch On Determine the work to rest ratios needed for each exercise to reap the most aerobic benefits Remain focused to help you push through those long workouts and do your best
15 Building Strength Go Forward Make the adjustments needed to build strength through each exercise Progress, do more, find a way that challenges you to grow
16 Explosive Movements Get There By training for speed, power, and acceleration you provide injury prevention and increased performance for all other activities Even though your goals are individual and unique to you, the support, encouragement, and guidance of others is so important to helping you achieve them
17 Static Strength Go Forward Isometric exercises, where you build muscular strength through holding an exercise position, can be a great way to track progression If you want to improve, you must challenge yourself
18 SAQ Round 2 Get There By working out consistently and holistically, you should see improvements in the way you can move, turn and sprint When you give your best effort, you are not only helping yourself but you’re also acting as a role model for others to follow
19 Holistic Fitness Challenge Review My Film  We look back and integrate exercises from all our previous sessions In order to Go Forward and improve, it’s important that you also look back at past experiences
20 Workout Design Challenge Game Plan  Create and complete the workout you want to do, taking what we have learned and creating something entirely unique to you and your fitness goals Identifying goals, writing them down and setting out a strategy to achieve them will help you stay accountable, make sure and track your progress over time