Physical Literacy - Session 9

Skill Focus: Holistic Fitness

This is a holistic workout where we will use the different fitness components from our previous sessions to create a multipurpose, full body session! We get to revisit those exercises and goals while getting a full body workout that hits every muscle group.

Value: Review My Film

We use Review My Film to reflect on things we have done in the past to see our progress and identify both what we’ve done well and where we can improve. Today we’ll get a full body workout but also understand what we are best at and what we need to continue working on to be our best selves physically. 

Opening Community Circle

  • Call your life play - on a scale of 1-5 how are you feeling today? 
  • Who can share their favorite session so far? Why? What type of session was it? 
  • Can someone share their favorite exercise? Why? 

Warm-up #2

This warm-up is great to prepare for sessions focused on speed, power and plyometrics. View in the Warm-Up Library.

Skill Focus: Holistic Fitness

Demonstrate each exercise at the beginning. Then students will perform them during a 30 minute circuit, with the goal of seeing how many times they can complete the full circuit during that time.

Students should utilize their fitness journal to document success and RPE. Click on each exercise for a video demonstration!

  1. High Knees - 20 reps 
  2. Bear Crawls 20 crawls 
  3. Standing Single Leg Deadlift 10 each leg 
  4. Jumping Jacks - 30 reps 
  5. Push Ups 10 reps 
  6. Jumping lunges - 20 reps 
  7. Hollow body holds – Hold for as long as possible 
  8. T Runs 4 reps 

Varations to Increase/Reduce Difficulty

  • Increase/reduce range of motion 
  • Slow down/speed up movement 
  • Increase/reduce number of reps/distance 

Cool Down #1

This is a walking cool down. While walking around the outside of the gym or marching in place, complete the following stretches and breathing routine. View in the Cool Down Library.

Closing Community Circle

  • Call your life play - on a scale of 1-5 how are you feeling after this session?
  • Who can name the different components of fitness that we have worked on since beginning this program? 
  • What are the values we have focused on during these sessions? Hint: there are 5 different values we've used so far.
  • Can you give an example of a classmate who demonstrated a specific value over the past few weeks, either during a session or outside of it?