Physical Literacy - Session 16

Skill Focus: Explosive Movements

Your body should be able to move differently since starting this program. Maybe it is just a slight difference that you notice during certain exercises or maybe it is more pronounced, but through your consistency your muscles are learning to become more explosive. By training for speed, power, and acceleration you provide injury prevention and increased performance for all other activities! 

Value: Get There

Even though your goals are individual and unique to you, the support, encouragement, and guidance of others is so important to helping you achieve them! Today, think about how you can continue to give maximum effort in your own activities while helping and supporting others in the group to do the same. 

Opening Community Circle

  • Call your life play - on a scale of 1-5 how are you feeling today? 
  • What are the benefits to improving our speed and power? 
  • How can you help others in the group during and between sessions to achieve their own fitness goals?

Warm-up #2

This warm-up is great to prepare for sessions focused on speed, power and plyometrics. View in the Warm-Up Library.

*It is ESSENTIAL students are warm before attempting explosive movements to avoid injury*

Skill Focus: Explosive Movements

Demonstrate each exercise to ensure students are familiar and comfortable with the exercises.

The longer the rest time between exercises the more explosive and dynamic the exercises can be. Shortening the rest period means students will not be able to be as explosive or dynamic but will have more of an anaerobic effect. Students can go for maximum height with fewer reps or more reps and aim to complete them as fast as possible. 

As long as it is safe to do so, students can experiment and implement other jumps, bounds and hops:

Students should utilize their fitness journal to document success and RPE. Click on each exercise for a video demonstration!

Varations to Increase/Reduce Difficulty

  • Increase/reduce range of motion 
  • Slow down/speed up movement 
  • Increase/reduce number of reps 
  • Increase/reduce rest between exercises and/or rounds

Cool Down #2

This cool down involves stretching in place. Students should find a comfortable spot where they have enough room to stretch from head to toe. View in the Cool Down Library.

Closing Community Circle

  • Call your life play - on a scale of 1-5 how are you feeling after this session? 
  • How would you rate the improvement in your explosive movements? Which exercise(s) would you say have had the biggest impact and why? 
  • In what ways did you (or could you in the future) help others Get There during sessions?